Kyrsten Sinema Outfit Review: Hand Embroidery Edition

Is this some kind of coded message?

Twitter/ Jamie Dupree
Debra Messing Cameo

Earlier this week, fashion icon Kyrsten Sinema made Time’s annual list of most influential people for 2022, alongside celebutantes Vladimir Putin, Joe Rogan, and Pete Davidson. Good for her, especially if her inclusion in this pantheon of greats was passed via a filibuster in the Time editorial offices.

I realized it had been a while since we’d heard from the nation’s first openly bisexual moderate Francophile senator from Arizona. She is never far from my mind, especially in the wake of unspeakable tragedy that might have been prevented if she used her considerable power in Congress to reform gun laws in this country.

Sinema expressed her horror at the senseless murder of 21 students and teachers at an elementary school, and The Mysteries of Laura star Debra Messing was not having it, calling Sinema’s facile thoughts and prayers “bullshit.”

But something else on Twitter caught my eye. Sinema wore what appears to be a hand-embroidered sweater while presiding over the senate on May 24, according to DC reporter Jamie Dupree.

I’ve learned a lot about sweaters with confounding politics this year (I dissent!), but this is a new one for me. She’s embroidered SIN, which might be a cheeky shortening of her last name, over her heart on a wool-blend V-neck. At first I thought it said SYN, but a commenter pointed out she might be using an Arizona State University pitchfork in place of the letter I. What could it all mean? A forthcoming 7.8 on Pitchfork? An atonement for a sin on the national stage on behalf of Joe Manchin?

It’s all as incomprehensible as the rare statement she made Wednesday afternoon outside the Senate chambers, wherein as far as I can tell, she says her solution to passing gun control laws is that she’s going to talk to her coworkers.

This crafty bitch…