It Must Suck to Be Named Tromp

I say this as someone whose name is very similar to Kellyanne Conway’s.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - JULY 06: Chadwick Tromp #14 of the San Francisco Giants at bat against t...
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When Kellyanne Conway became a person everyone was talking about, people would say to me, “Hey, your name is like Kellyanne Conway’s.” Or, “Hey, you know Kellyanne Conway? Your name is like that.” Or, “Kellyanne Conway and you have similar names.” Yes, it’s true: My name is Kelly Conaboy, and her name is Kellyanne Conway. It’s unfortunate but I do believe I will eventually overshadow her in the eyes of history.

I was thinking about this recently while a baseball game was on a television in my vicinity. The New York Mets were playing the San Francisco Giants and my first question was, isn’t the Giants a football team in New York? The person I said the question to then explained to me in a very long way about how actually in the ‘40s or something the Giants were a New York baseball team and … well, honestly who cares. My next question was: Oh no, that guy’s name is Tromp?

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:( Oh no.

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Aw man. That sucks. Also his career on the Giants briefly overlapped with a guy named Pence. :(

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:( Oh no.

That stinks. I’m sorry about that, Tromp. We love you.

Chadwick Tromp did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether he does or does not think it stinks to have a surname so similar to Trump.