Nothing More New York Than a Vegan Cop From Jersey

Eric Adams is poised to be the next mayor of New York City

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 24: Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams speaks to the media on June 24, ...
Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images
God Save the Mayor

The left has been pretty rude about New York’s official Democratic mayoral candidate Eric Adams, who officially beat trash czarina Kathryn Garcia by 8,426 votes last month. He was a cop, he’s accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from real estate developers, and he’s sworn to implement a wide-ranging bitcoin plan without addressing its environmental implications in a city that will almost certainly fall into the ocean by 2040. He has two fridges and allegedly maybe even two girlfriends and also, he probably doesn’t live in New York?

But hear me out. Have we considered that maybe Eric Adams is the only true weirdo New Yorker in the primary field, and as such, should be mayor? A vegan cop who might be poly and lives in New Jersey. He’s up there with Fran Lebowitz and Keith McNally.

Not since Fiorello La Guardia, famed namesake of the Fame high school where Timmy Chalamet and DJ Ansolo went, have New Yorkers had a mayor so emblematic of the city. Now more than ever, New York needs a true New Yorker to lead it.

Now all he has to do now is beat who the Republicans nominated, Curtis “Jojo Siwa’s Dad” Sliwa. These guys are nuts! I love them. Don’t worry, I did not vote for them.