Emmanuel Macron La Petite Morts After Putin Phone Call

He's starring in his own "Little Life"

File photo taken on Feb. 28, 2022 shows French President Emmanuel Macron waiting for guests at the E...
Xinhua News Agency/Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images
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French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone today and understandably, he needed to document his reaction with a post-call photo shoot. The French government released a few candids and Macron looks anguished.

Almost as anguished as a certain beautiful and enigmatic litigator raised in a monastery who suffers from excruciating physical pain from a childhood spinal injury. As a mysterious genius who takes up residence on Lispenard Street and tries to learn to love himself via his adoptive parents as an adult. As an accursed king almost worthy of a Man Booker Prize.

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Macron is doing his best A Little Life (or its French title Un Vie Commes Les Autres). Melodrama transcends language and circumstance, as does this now-infamous David Hujar photograph of a man orgasming on the cover.

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