Belated Question: Why Did Dr. Oz Need Tequila?

I do have a guess

Dr. Oz in a grocery store holding health food.

Yesterday we all had quite a bit of fun with a video of Dr. Oz shopping for his wife’s beloved crudités at the grocery store. Let’s rewatch it again together, today:

Hahaha. Oh, we do have fun. Obviously there are a lot of things to focus on in this short clip. John Fetterman’s beleaguered New Jerseyan opponent in Pennsylvania’s senatorial race immediately calls the Pennsylvania-based grocery store chain Redner’s “Wegners,” first of all, and it’s pretty much downhill from there. But a question I can’t quite get out of my mind is why, after constructing a delicious crudités plate of broccoli, raw asparagus, 400 carrots, prepackaged guacamole, and salsa, does Dr. Oz say: “That’s $20 for crudités, and this doesn’t include the tequila!”


… ?


Why Dr. Oz would want those specific, incorrect ingredients for a crudités platter is easy to understand: they were near each other. And why he would bring up an alcoholic beverage is also not difficult to understand: he believed drinking would endear him to Pennsylvanians. But why bring tequila, specifically, into this? Tequila, as far as I know, is not a traditional crudités beverage. I don’t think one would enjoy the flavor of putting tequila on raw vegetables. If his wife enjoys tequila with her crudités, he certainly didn’t mention it to his viewers.

After spending a considerable amount of time thinking about why Dr. Oz would need tequila for his crudités, I think I have landed on a decent guess.

Dr. Oz said “and this doesn’t include the tequila” because he only remembered talking about salsa. The synapses of his brain then brought “tequila” — something that can go with salsa — to the front of his mind. Obviously he’d also picked up guacamole, but my guess is that his thoughts in that moment were focused squarely on the expensive salsa, due to how upset he was at what Joe Biden was charging for it.

In his mind, the snack of crudités melded together, like so many Wegmans and Redner’s grocery stores before it, with the snack of tortilla chips and salsa. And that doesn’t include the tequila.