American Media: Did Afghanistan Fall Because Its Army Is Depressed?

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Following the rapid fall of Kabul to Taliban forces, the U.S. press has some serious questions for the Afghan army as to how Kabul fell so quickly to the Taliban: In the past two weeks, how often have you felt down, depressed, or hopeless? How is your sleep? Your appetite? How’s your willpower, specifically in regard to upholding a crumbling ceasefire after twenty years of American occupation? Do you want to be paid on time?

The New York Times suggested the Afghan army lost their special little spark:

New York Times

The Washington Post blames a total lack of will power, which is a telltale sign of clinical depression. Maybe ketamine therapy would help? I saw an Instagram ad for it.

Washington Post

WaPo also noted that the soldiers were “muddling through” their days, a tell-tale sign of burnout.

Washington Post

The Los Angeles Times chalks it up to a down-in-the-dumps, demoralized group of young government contractors, while meanwhile the Taliban is feeling bold and flirty (and also listening and learning).

Los Angeles Times

Insider reported that “experts” told Foreign Policy that the Afghan troops were both demoralized AND had lost the will to fight, which is a real one-two punch in the DSM-V.


It’s a sad situation, but luckily it’s not our fault.