Who Gets the Reward?

Give it to Zack

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 13:   Zack Tahhan, a witness who reportedly identified and notified the p...
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The New York Police Department has muddled the details surrounding the apprehension of subway shooting suspect Frank James on Wednesday. Frank allegedly called the cops on himself and told them to meet him at an East Village McDonald’s. He got bored of waiting and ambled to St. Mark’s Place, when he was recognized by a guy named Zack Tahhan and possibly two others. Only then the NYPD showed up to steal the valor of James’s capture.

A tweet from Police Benevolent Association President Patrick J. Lynch discounted Tahhan, who can speak five languages and was not wearing a wedding ring (tip for ladies), from the narrative entirely.

Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell also elided Tahhan’s noble contribution, crediting “the work of our detectives” and the “dedication of our patrol officers.”

Ok, yeah. Meanwhile Tahhan, who has become something of a niche Twitter influencer overnight, has said he has not been contacted about the $50,000 reward for the manhunt.

So who does the reward go to? The officers who physically arrested him? James, for calling the cops on himself? The Hamburglar?

If not Tahhan, we nominate Frank James himself, for evading police for 30 hours and having a nice New York day.

You can buy Tahhan a cup of coffee here.

UPDATE: Do not buy Zack a cup of coffee there.

The account has been deleted.