Trash Can From Myrtle Beach Completes Hero’s Journey to Ireland

It seems possible the trash can is a Sally Rooney fan.

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that's our can

Those who ran the New York City Marathon over the weekend are beginning to lose their post-run glow. For a moment they were our heroes, and we cheered for them as they made their arduous journey along the city’s streets. But we’ve found a new hero to cheer for now. One who has made a much more arduous journey, and one who has completed that journey not on land but in water. Who might that hero be? Well, I’ll tell you.

It’s Mr. Trashy (the name I’ve given a trash can from Myrtle Beach).

According to a report from the New York Times, our hero traveled from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina all the way to Mulranny Beach in County Mayo, Ireland; a full 3,500 miles. County Mayo, as you might know, is where Sally Rooney is from. Does Mr. Trashy love Sally Rooney, and is that why he went there? Unfortunately the Times did not ask him, and Gawker does not have access. We can only assume that he does, and that yes, that is why he went there.

“The first reaction was, ‘Wow,’” Keith McGreal, who discovered the blue and barnacle-laden trash can, told the Times. “I said, ‘This is not from Ireland.’” And indeed it wasn’t. McGreal noticed the can had writing on it in English and Spanish, and a sticker showing its Myrtle Beach origins. He reached out to the city via email, writing:

I wanted to share some images of a Blue Trash barrel that has been washed up on our local beach on the West Coast of Ireland, Mulranny, County Mayo. We spotted the stickers and thought it would make a good news story. Amazing to think it travelled all the way across the Atlantic. Over 5500km away.
Hoping to hear from you soon,
Keith McGreal.”

Mark Kruea, a public information officer for Myrtle Beach, got the email. “I looked at the pictures very carefully to see if it looked like our trash can,” Kruea told the Times. “And then I sent the photos to our parks people who take care of those on the beach, and they quickly confirmed that, yes, that’s our trash can.”

Did Mark Kruea then tell his nearest associate to “go get our trash can,” like Charlotte told Big when Carrie was in Paris? No. The can, which is believed to have been picked up by the Gulf Stream, remains on Mulranny Beach. And is he living a life of leisure after completing his incredible journey? No.

He is once again being used as a trash can.

“They’re using it for its intended purpose in Ireland,” Kruea said. “Which is pretty cool.”


Can Mr. Trashy escape his fate and find a better life for himself somewhere else? Well … we’ll just have to wait and see.