The World's Oldest Blogger Has Died

Long live the world's oldest blogger.

Bored at work: dead skeleton working at its home office.
death and blogging

“Dagny Carlsson, world’s oldest blogger, dies aged 109,” says the Guardian, and STOP, before you say anything I need to say this first: “literally me.” Whew. That was close.

Carlsson (formerly the world’s oldest blogger) took a computer course at age 99, after which she began blogging under the name Bojan. According to the Guardian, she had a large social media following and made regular appearances on Swedish television and radio shows. She was born the year the Titanic sank, and referred to her blogging style as that of “a tough aunt, who likes most things.” And of course to that last point we all respond, “same.”

Today, the blogging community offers Dagny Carlsson the customary blogger’s three-volley salute: a ceremonial playing of Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” followed by a ceremonial viewing of “Sister Covers Baby Brother in Peanut Butter,” followed by a ceremonial reading of media coverage related to George Clooney’s latest prank. Then we all rise and say, “Today, we are all this boat.” (The boat that was stuck in the Suez Canal last year.) Amen.

Although today we are sad at the loss of Dagny Carlsson, I think she would understand better than anyone the need for the blogging wheel to keep on turning; the need to feed the beast. The need to get a post up. The fact is the world’s oldest blogger has died, thus immediately crowning — somewhere — a new world’s oldest blogger. But who is it?

As of now, I unfortunately lack a list of all bloggers and their ages, though I would love to soon acquire one. I would also like a list of how much money everyone has. But my immediate guesses for the new world’s oldest blogger are:

  • Me
  • Choire Sicha

Hmm. So I guess whichever one of us is older is the new oldest one. Mazel to whoever that is, and long live the new world’s oldest blogger!