The Taliban is Listening and Learning

Notes app apology to decimated North Afghanistan forthcoming

Sorry. Sticker with sorry inscription and red heart. I'm sorry lettering

According to the New York Times, the Taliban is rebranding.

As US troops withdraw from Kabul, the Taliban has been influencer-ing its way into the DMs of occupied north Afghanistan via radical positivity, body inclusivity, sexual fluidity, comped consumer products in exchange for honest starred reviews, native pastel advertising, direct-to-consumer cleaning products and nasal spray, and deadly land grabs.

The organization’s much-needed image rehabilitation comes as its leadership tries to convince citizens that it is a viable alternative to the established Afghan government. It’s unclear if this PR strategy is working on anyone, and homegrown anti-Taliban militias seem to be on the rise, but if I know one thing about apprehension around subdued millennial rebranding, it’s give me a week, and I’ll be on board.

I’ve thrown out dozens of pots and pans in favor of one big one and I’ve forgotten how to make it home when my phone has died. I too have seized power, and my uzi was a calming mint green.