Pro-Life Activist Tragically Survives Salesforce Tower Free Climb

He calls himself the "pro-life Spider-Man"

Buildings including the Salesforce Tower and Millenium Tower are visible in the urban skyline of San...
Smith Collection/Gado/Archive Photos/Getty Images
get off it

You might have seen footage of some guy free-climbing the 1,070 foot tall Salesforce tower in San Francisco and thought, “Damn, that’s impressive.”

What was he doing it for? To protest tyrannical Silicon Valley return-to-work mandates from on high? To make a comment on over-policing in America (the SFPD was waiting to arrest him at the top of San Francisco’s tallest building – they took the elevator). So people like me might call him “my sinewy lizard king” online?

Unfortunately, it’s none of the above. This guy’s a loser, and he goes by the moniker “Pro-Life Spider-Man.”

On his website, the hateful scaler writes, “My name is Maison Des Champs. I am a rock climber that has recently started climbing Skyscrapers to end abortion. [ed. note: lol] The goal is to get Dr. Cesare Santangelo put and [sic] jail and raise $1,000,000 for pro-life charities.”

Dr. Cesare Santangelo is a Washington, D.C.-based abortion provider who is an oft-targeted figure by the right wing pro-life movement, who have recently had a rather big on-the-ground win.

Alright, nerd, you’ve made your point. Come on down, now.