The South Park Guys Are Getting, Oh My God, $900 Million to Do More South Park

The deal includes, oh my god, 14 movies.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 12:  Writer/creators Trey Parker (L) and Matt Stone speak onstage during th...
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money money money

How much money do you have in your bank account right now? And I have another question: How much money do you think Trey Parker and Matt Stone have already? says Trey Parker has $600 million, but it has to be more than that. It says Matt Stone has $700 million, but, again, I feel like the number has to be larger. I’m asking because the two South Park creators just signed a new deal with ViacomCBS Inc. where they’re getting $900 million to produce a bunch more South Park episodes and a bunch more South Park movies, and, oh my god — $900 million is so much money. I wish I could have some of that money. Can you imagine?

The first new project the duo will produce will be, according to Bloomberg, a “movie set in the world of South Park,” which is phrased in a way that seems to indicate it is distinct somehow from a South Park movie, but I do not have any further information. (Maybe it will be the cast of Friends in the world of South Park?) The movie will premiere on the streaming service Paramount+ before the end of this year, which seems very fast, and will be the first of, oh my god, 14 made-for-streaming South Park movies.

The deal runs through 2027 and also includes six more seasons of South Park, which will air on Comedy Central.

What would you do with $900 million after, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, giving most of it away to solve various world issues? I would buy a very large beach house that I’d live in full-time. But what would you do, hm? Probably buy more South Park, I guess. God. You can’t get enough.