I Don’t Know … Does Your Boyfriend Really Need a $2.6M Comic Book?

We just wanted to check in.

The very first Superman comic book from 1939 is displayed during Batman's cemetary visit is displaye...
your boyfriend

According to to ComicConnect.com, an online auction company, the person who just spent $2.6 million on a rare copy of a “Superman #1” comic book wants to remain anonymous. But, well, honey … we all know it’s your boyfriend.

Not that we’re all talking about this behind your back! I mean, we are, but not in a gossipy way. We just care about you. And even though the comic from 1939 was kept in a “temperature-controlled safe,” according to the AP, we’re just not sure this is the best financial decision for your boyfriend to be making right now. Especially considering the fact that you guys are planning a future together. Honey, did he even discuss his decision to buy a $2.6 million dollar comic book with you in advance? Don’t you think he should have?

Yes, the holiday season is about excess. It’s also about love, joy, and goodwill toward men. (Or at least the men who have tested negative on their BinaxNOWs! Am I right, girl?) So if this comic book is worth $2.6 million dollars to you guys … if this is what is going to bring you joy? Then we, your friends, think that’s great. We love that for you. We just wanted to check in. Because I think you can admit this seems like kind of a huge chunk of money to spend on some old shitty comic book, or I mean, some valuable old shitty comic book.

Babe, we love you. That’s really what we wanted to say. And if your boyfriend wants to spend what will amount to the cost of Jen Shah’s legal fees in her fight against the federal government after being charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing and conspiracy to commit money laundering, well, that’s his business. At least it’s not a video game, or a hat.