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It’s Okay to Irish Exit a ‘Close Friends’ List

Thank you, but no thank you

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Kelly Conaboy
Twitter screen on a phone atop a laptop keyboard.

Which Twitter Avatar Is Right for the Kind of Person You Aspire to Be?

A guide for power users trying to become the next pundit on the app

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Luke Winkie
Two happy roommates moving home resting breathing fresh air sitting on the floor in the night.

Finding Roommates Online Requires Luck, Skill, and Humility

A guide to from someone who’s spent the past seven years living with strangers from the internet

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Ilana Bean

Nothing Wrong With Hate-Checking a Stranger’s Alt Every Night

It keeps you honest

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Claire Carusillo
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How to Banish Your Group Chat Ghost

Exorcism 101

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Fran Hoepfner
Close up Hand doctor point brian scan image of a recent traumatic brain injury patient showing brain...

Do You Have Poster’s Disease?

Signs and symptoms to watch out for

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Fran Hoepfner
Young man using smart phone,Social Distancing ,Working From Home concept.

The Unofficial Rules of Posting

Etiquette for the social media age

Dos and Don’ts
Jenny G. Zhang