Tumblr Is Allowing Dead-Eyed Nudes Again

They don't have to be tasteful, but they do have to have artistic integrity

Anti-cellulite and epilation. Slim tanned woman's legs on white studio background. African-american ...
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Amid the purported mass exodus of users from Twitter because of the hostile takeover by a blood diamond heir we’ve all randomly deemed to be less altruistic than the billionaires who used to run it, Tumblr is welcoming those who forsook it back into its moodily lit, pert bosom. Nudes are allowed on the microblogging platform again, and I’m gonna heart all of them.

If you can remember back to 2018, Tumblr banned all “adult content” from the site. This was a real stab in the rib cage to Tumblr users, as our bread and butter up to that point was reblogging photos of rib cages with just a touch of nipple in them from accidentally pro-ana accounts. Our art was thought-provoking, our pages well-curated, and our boners rock hard.

For four long years, we’ve lived in a drought of those silhouetted backs and sepia-toned asses. But the updated community guidelines from Tumblr make it clear we can start forging a community of artists again, so long as there’s no penetration.

Tumblr’s updated guidelines say:

We recently introduced Community Labels to give everyone more control over their dashboard experience. With this new feature, you can adjust your feed to your preferred comfort level by setting the types of content you want to see. It was our first step toward a more open Tumblr.
Today, we’re taking the next step: We now welcome a broader range of expression, creativity, and art on Tumblr, including content depicting the human form (yes, that includes the naked human form).
So, even if your creations contain nudity, mature subject matter, or sexual themes, you can now share them on Tumblr using the appropriate Community Label so that everyone remains in control of the types of content they see on their dash.
We have updated our Community Guidelines to reflect these changes; the rest of our content policies remain the same: We still don’t allow hate, spam, violent threats, or anything illegal, and visual depictions of sexually explicit acts remain off-limits on Tumblr.

We’ll take it.

Twitter, meanwhile, is allegedly considering “paywalled video,” according to a Twitter source who spoke to the Washington Post, but I don’t know, that just doesn’t seem as indie rock.

Sofia, take us out.