And Just Like That ... I Fell For Another Deceitful Headline About Kim Cattrall

Samantha is not wasting her breath on us

Kim Cattrall arrives to the Premiere Of "The Manchurian Candidate" at the Beekman Theater. (Photo by...
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Despite being a seven-year-old when Sex and the City premiered, and though most of my experiences with the series were filtered through nudity and language censors on TBS, I do feel like I’m a total Samantha. Without her as a stabilizer, I find the tone of And Just Like That extremely uneven, bereft of any comedy, and not for nothing, I feel uneasy about how each girlfriend is assigned exactly one friend of color to atone for the blinding whiteness of the original series.

We’re all missing Kim Cattrall’s Samantha, whose brunch bon mots are 45 times more powerful than anything Che Diaz had to say at her vaguely Christian (?) inspirational LGBTQIA Ted Talk “comedy concert.” Remember when she said, “I don’t believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties.” That’s like Cumtown-level discourse for the reboot.

So when I see an article teased on social media with the headline “How Kim Cattrall Feels About “Just Like That” Absence Amid Chris Noth Scandal,” I’m clicking. I need something! And when I’m brought to the page and the headline is actually “EXCLUSIVE: ‘SATC’ Alum Kim Cattrall Is Living a ‘Drama-Free’ Life Amid ‘And Just Like That’ Absence, Chris Noth Scandal,” you know I’m reading.

But that exclusive I was promised? This is it, in the form of an anonymous source speaking on Catrall’s behalf:

“Kim isn’t going to speak out about the Chris Noth allegations,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly after Noth, 67, was recently accused of sexually assaulting multiple women in the past, which he repeatedly denied.
“She isn’t even going to talk about not being part of And Just Like That,” the insider says, claiming the Emmy nominee “is happier where she is in life now,” despite the fact that she “turned down” a major payday.

So she said….nothing. Us Weekly hoodwinks me again. This is not exactly the juicy “Lawrence of my Labia” style wit and punnery I was hoping for.

But I can respect that Kim is not breaking her silence or wasting her wit on this sham of a show. I guess we’ll have to carry on as the Samanthas we see in ourselves.