YouTuber Michelle Phan Taught a Man in a Wheelchair To Walk

The beauty vlogger gained some new skills at Dr. Joe Dispenza's week-long meditation retreat

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 26:  Michelle Phan attends the SK-II #ChangeDestiny forum at Andaz Hotel ...
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quantum physics

Something sinister and chiropractic may be afoot in the dreamy, soft-spoken, airy fairy world of Michelle Phan, the OG beauty vlogger with 8.81 million YouTube subscribers and her own makeup line, Em Cosmetics. Years ago, Mish taught me how to craft a perfect soft-touch, free-spirited look, and now, she might be able to teach me how to “heal” a man in a wheelchair so that he’s “not only walking now, but dancing with joy” — which she recently accomplished in San Diego.

In an Instagram story on Sunday screenshotted and posted by industry insider Instagram account Estee Laundry, Phan also claimed, “I saw angels. I experienced complete bliss and joy that I’ve never ever experienced in my life.”

Phan appears to be talking about her recent experience at a $1, 999 week-long meditation retreat in San Diego hosted by Dr. Joe Dispenza, a chiropractor, inspirational speaker, and fellow YouTuber who is also the author of a book called Becoming Supernatural. Before you ask: he has yet to appear on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Dispenza’s website bills the “San Diego Week Long Advanced Retreat” as:

An opportunity to escape your busy life and go on a deep inward journey into the quantum field. This endless, immeasurable field of source creation is where all human experience exists as a precursor to thought and imagination – a place of infinite possibility beyond our known, perceivable, three-dimensional reality of time and space.

It is unclear whether teaching a beauty vlogger how to make a man in a wheelchair walk again is included in the package.

Phan’s experience with the miracle worker over the course of the last week was allegedly grueling. She wrote on Instagram, “This meditation retreat is not one of those relaxing spa ones. My friends think I’m relaxing and chill, naw bro, I’m working. I’m clocking in 4 hours of sleep everyday, waking up at 3 am to mediate [sic] for 5 hours straight, no breaks, not even for bathroom. Then we eat, then we learn science for 2 hours, then mediate again, then break and then, mediate again.”

Activities include “Coherence Healing (™),” a baffling meditation exercise of “becoming conscious of your unconscious thoughts” that the chiropractor claimed he developed to heal his own severe back injury in twelve weeks and later used to heal at least 606 others’ maladies (including seizures) whose video testimonials are featured on his YouTube’s “Stories of Transformation” page.

Today, the day after the retreat, Phan updated her Instagram story again, praising Dr. Dispenza’s methods and her week as an “empowered being” under his tutelage. “[Dispenza] was in an accident that broke his spine. Was told he’d never walk again, but he did not accept that as his truth,” Phan wrote. “He reprogrammed his mind and now, walks and shares his experience on how he did it.” To clarify, Dispenza is not the man who Phan herself mind-beamed into dancing with joy — that’s someone else.

Instagram/ michellephan
Instagram/ Michelle Phan

No word yet from the now-ambulatory mystery man she taught to walk.

Good luck with all of this, Mish, and I’m always watching if you need an escape route. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what sort of glam you did for your energy field manipulation group sesh.