When Does Summer End for Adults?

Some say the date has already passed.

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RIP Summer

It’s here: The part of summer during which you regret not having made the most of summer. Promotions for end-of-summer deals make you think, Did I ever go to the beach? Emails trying to get you to take last-minute getaways before the season ends make you wonder, Did I have a single watermelon margarita outside on a hot day? A chilly morning sits upon your chest like a stone and asks, “Wait, did you go to a baseball game?” No. Most of those happy thoughts that got you through the dreary days of winter never came to fruition. And before you know it, you’ll be back there again — dark nights, cold walks, chapped lips. Begging for a summer you’ll doubtlessly waste.


But do we still have time to achieve some of our summer goals before the season officially ends? That, at least, is up for debate. For those without a school schedule or a home in the Hamptons, summer has no clear termination point. Or does it? I don’t know, so I asked some of my coworkers. When do they think summer ends for adults?

Jenny, Olivia, Nicole, and Darcie said Labor Day, which this year is September 6. Brandy said September 1, Allie said September 10, and Leah said September 11. Tarpley said, “Summer Fridays should end at New Years and then start again after 3 Kings Day,” and I agree that a “Summer Friday” should be reconsidered as just the normal length of a Friday. We can call it “Friday.”

Claire said July 4 and when pressed for a reason she said that July 4 is “synonymous with summer.” She continued, “So when that's over, the big to-do of summer, then summer is over. It might still be hot until mid-October now, but this is not about heat. It's about expectations and disappointments.” Damn.

Jack says summer ends on August 16. “I think it's the most reasonable early date for summer to end,” he explained. “I understand and feel and almost agree with the sentiment of July 4, but obviously if you tell people summer ends on July 5 they will think you are being a contrarian.” True. “August 16 is just far enough out to seem reasonable and believable!”

And Jocelyn would like to go with summer’s official end date. Here is what she said:

“The official last day of summer this year is September 22, and that makes perfect sense to me — it is hot through September! I think if you live in a temperate climate like America's East Coast, any time that you can still go to the beach is summer. Because of climate change it's hot through like mid-October now, and it was always still hot in September! For childless adults, I actually think September summer is the best summer, because you can go to the beach on a weekday and there are way fewer children around. And I'm from Southern California, which is at its hottest in September and October. Those months are the best time for the beach, because all the tourists have gone home for ‘fall.’ So anyway I think summer goes until September 22 at MINIMUM but probably September 30.”

Hm. I guess, hearing the opinions of my coworkers, I have to say that I believe summer never ends because summer is never here.

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