What Is TikTok's "Pink Sauce" and Why Is It Making Me "Sick"?

A little bit of homemade dragonfruit mayonnaise sent via USPS never killed anyone, allegedly

a watery grave

You know what sounds like it would pair well with Wendy’s chicken nuggets amid worldwide record-breaking summer temps? A home-bottled mayonnaise and frozen dragonfruit-based dip, the consistency of which seems to range between diarrhea and saliva, that I learned about on TikTok and paid $20 for ($13-$30 USPS ground shipping not included).

And I’m not the only one who thinks this sounds good. Slather me and the girlies in Chef Pii’s viral (and deeply unregulated) Pink Sauce and leave us out in the blazing sun, because tonight, baby, we’re all eating.

And then, we’re all joining the inevitable class action lawsuit when we get sick from eating sauce bottled in a residential garage in Miami.

What’s Pink Sauce?

Pink Sauce is the invention of Chef Pii, a private chef and mixologist from Florida. On June 11 of this year, Chef Pii pivoted from lifestyle content on TikTok to almost exclusively highlighting her new product, Pink Sauce.

This is her first video, in which she dips a chicken finger into a frankly more like purple condiment in her home kitchen.

Nearly a week later, Chef Pii posts a TikTok of her bottling her sauce, which appears to be a different color than her first effort (now more pink):

The net’s interest is piqued, and so is this girl’s, who is recording drinking a shot glass of Pink Sauce.

What the hell is that? It’s a proprietary blend of sunflower seed oil, dragonfruit, chili, honey, and garlic. That’s it, Chef Pii claims. For now. It’s good on chicken and steak. These kids freaking love it.

How are the masses accessing Pink Sauce for their own chicken fingers?

On July 1, Chef Pii started presale orders for Pink Sauce on a new online site, billed as “THAT INFAMOUS DIPPING SAUCE THAT EVERYONE IS RAVING ABOUT!” Now, this is a little suspect on many levels, starting with the nutrition label, which claimed that the bottle had 444 servings (angel numbers) per bottle at 1 tablespoon per serving.

The Pink Sauce

The ingredients were also more extensive than Chef Pii claimed, including “distilled vinger” [sic], pink Himalayan sea salt (an impossible ingredient, as the Himalayas have no seas), and troublingly, milk. Besides citric acid, the bottled product from Chef Pii’s facility had no preservatives.

But Chef Pii heads ordered the sauce in any case, as production seemed to ramp up and the first orders went out on July 7.

Pink Sauce is registered to Flavor Crazy Inc in Miami, an incorporated business which has been owned by Veronica B Shaw since July 2021. It is unclear if Chef Pii and Veronica B Shaw are the same person.

I’m an adventurous eater, so I’m not seeing any problems here. What happened next?

A heat wave swept the nation, and orders of the curdling Pink Sauce started arriving to condiment-lovers nation wide earlier this week.

Some people genuinely loved the look of their authentic bottled Pink Sauce, including TikTokker OfficialTashaa, whose smell has been messed up since she got Covid two years ago. It smells like perfume to her.

TikTokker Jade.Amberrr slathered refrigerated Pink Sauce all over her power bowl. “It’s not bad. It’s not nasty, that’s the thing,” she says. She describes it as a seafood boil sauce, but “ranch version.”

It looks lighter in color than the photos.

The packaging seems inconsistent, and TikTokkers start to notice the bizarre product label.

TikTokker R8ch311 had less luck. It arrived smelling rotten with no more than 2 ounces of sauce inside.

BeautifulMonnie’s Pink Sauce exploded before it got to her, and the label disintegrated.

“It stinks like throw-up,” she says.

I’m laughin!

Well, it isn’t funny, and Chef Pii is treating the situation with the appropriate amount of gravity. Pink Sauce is “currently in lab testing,” she says. “Once we go through lab testing, we will be able to pitch to stores.” Selling Pink Sauce online, then, seemed to be a way to get the product to the rabid guinea pigs/fans while skirting FDA regulations.

“I’m only human. I’m not perfect,” she says. “The grams got mixed up with the serving size. There’s 444 grams of Pink Sauce inside of each container. It’s about 30 servings per container. It was a mistake.”

Chef Pii is sending a gift and a thank you note to anyone who received curdled goods, which many will surely be thrilled to discover when they return from the hospital. She does not address why the Pink Sauce color varies per batch, nor if the product expires.

My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected by Pink Sauce’s negligence. If you’re really struggling, may I suggest mixing ketchup with mayonnaise like they do at McDonald’s?