Virtual Loser Going Wah Wah About 'Curb' Having COVID Consultants

It all goes back to the Kennedys

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american royalty

A tweet came across my desk from one Mr. Michael Tracey.

Yesterday, on the Italian piazza we call Twitter, Tracey criticized a screenshot of the end credits in the new season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, opining that the show had far too much COVID personnel, 14 in all.

Seems like a reasonable-enough size team for a company that employs Curb star Cheryl Hines, who is married to the anti-vaxxiest Kennedy, RFK Jr. and is almost definitely probably not vaccinated herself. Fourteen people to protect a show set from Kennedy Kovid? Well. We do live in strange times.

Moving on!

An account called Left Flank Veterans, which describes itself as “a leftist pro-political revolution, anti-war, and anti-MIC co-operative of Post 9/11 veterans” responded with this:

Been there. Couldn’t agree more. Of course, Glenn Greenwald, the First Amendment activist with the Rumbliest of tummies, got involved for some reason and essentially implied that collectively, the leftist veteran cooperative was a bunch of f-slurs:

Greenwald and Tracey are bros, as they both enjoy sticking the middle finger to your precious little social mores and sacred cows. In September, Greenwald confirmed his buddy Tracey was NOT AUTISTIC BECAUSE HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND, which I don’t think any of us were thinking. We thought he didn’t have a girlfriend because he was a dork virgin, not because of where he laid on the spectrum. Being a dork virgin is a state of mind, not a diagnosis.

And there you have it. Greenwald seems like a loyal friend. There are no winners here, except the 14 people getting paid to be COVID consultants on Curb Your Enthusiasm.