Questions We Still Have About ‘The White Lotus’

For example, how did Portia open Jack’s phone?

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The White Lotus finished its second season last night. The final episode was satisfying in that we got to see who lived and who died and who murdered and who got their phone back and who is able to transfer large sums of money internationally with ease, but it wouldn’t be a season of appointment-viewing murder television if we weren’t left with a few unanswered questions. Do you have some questions, and if so what are they? Or wait — I’ll go first.

Did Harper and Cameron have sex?

Seems like it, and I hope so. Harper’s nerd husband had it coming.

Did Daphne and Ethan have sex?

Seems like it, but it’s really hard for me to believe that incel nerd had it in him. Honestly I’m a little disappointed he didn’t die — not that I think anyone ever should!

Does Cameron know those aren’t his kids?

Remember when Daphne told Harper she was going to show her a photo of the blond trainer she cheats on Cameron with, but instead she showed her a photo of her blond children, seemingly indicating that these are in fact the trainer’s children? Does Cameron know about that? Is that why he was grumpy floss-picking his teeth while his kids were FaceTiming with mama?

Why did Ethan and Harper go on this vacation?

Doesn’t really seem like their vibe…

Why were they gay men recording Tanya?

You might recall seeing a red light go on in the background of Tanya’s sex party scene, indicating that she was being filmed. I imagine this was for either blackmail purposes or some sort of post-death insurance otherwise. But maybe they just wanted to be able to watch and remember the good times they had. :)

Were the yacht men actually going to kill Tanya?

In my opinion, yeah.

How did Portia get into Jack’s phone?

During an afternoon lunch, post-kidnapping realization, a phoneless Portia is left alone to drink German beer with Jack’s phone while he uses the restroom. There’s a moment of tension before she decides to attempt to use it to call Tanya, her also-kidnapped boss. I guess this tension was just about whether it was ethical to use someone else’s phone to make an international call, because Portia manages to open and use Jack’s phone with ease. Okay … how’d she do that? Knew the password somehow? She was able to shape-shift her face into his and that unlocked the phone, or what?

How did Portia know Tanya’s number by heart?

And speaking of, what about Portia makes you think she’s gonna have even a single phone number memorized? I bet she didn’t even have a house phone growing up.

Why didn’t Portia look around a bit more for her phone? Why didn’t she ask Jack to call it?

That’s what I would have done …

Did Jack’s tattoo say cowabunga and is that a real tattoo the actor has or was it for the Jack character specifically?


Seems like it says “cowabunga” to me, but why.

If you were Portia, what would you do when you got home? Go to the cops? Wait for them to come to you? Or what?

This is less a lingering question and more just something for you to consider now in case you’re in this situation in the future.

What happens to Portia’s clothing and can my friend Claire have it?

Here’s what my colleague Claire Carusillo has to say about it: “I believe what happened is Jack dropped Portia off at the airport the night before the flight and she never made it back to the White Lotus to collect her things, which leaves Portia’s stunning wardrobe — probably mostly on the floor of the hotel room and the rest wadded up and divided between an Away suitcase and a red Kipling backpack — up for grabs. Since the Italian cabaret sex workers have recently come into some money, they don’t need the clothes. I’ll take them. I like some of her individual pieces, even if she’s diseased in the way she conceives of full outfits. Unfortunately, she did seem to bring the most stunning piece, a leather baseball cap worn under a turban-tied silk scarf, back to the Bay Area with her.”

Did Daphne always have such abundant and beautiful freckles?

I don’t think I ever noticed them before, but they were really stunning … god I love her.

What account did Albie and/or his dad put Lucia’s $50,000 in?

Did they have her routing number? Was it her Venmo account? Were there fees? Was it flagged as suspicious?

When Albie said he already talked to his mom about his dad … did he say good stuff or bad stuff?

My guess is bad stuff.

Is Greg having an affair?

Honestly a good question.