“To the Mosquitoes, a Goodbye Kiss”

A poem.


Though the sun will set early

Though the wind will be cold

Though our coats will be burly

Though our bones will feel old

There is one bit of happiness winter will bring

And that’s death to the fucking mosquitoes

Yes the walk will be icy

And your limbs will feel numb

Making plans will be dicey

And your mood will be glum

But we do have a plus side, if just this one thing

The mass death of the fucking mosquitoes

The mosquitoes, I hate them

Those tiny, stupid fucks

I’ve no choice but to condemn

All the blood they, uh, sucks

So thank god for the cold that will make us reign king

O’er our kingdom: dead fucking mosquitoes

Though the pedants, I hear you

With your thin fingers raised

“Um, not sure if you knew”

[Preparing to be praised]

“But actually not all mosquitoes die in the cold. Also it doesn’t even get cold in the winter everywhere? And mosquito eggs, which are normally laid in trees, can survive cold temperatures, and then they hatch in the spring”


Wanna die with the fucking mosquitoes?

Decomposing blood suckers

Laying dead in the dirt

Take that, little fuckers

Yeah, and I hope it hurt

Over your mangled corpses we’ll dance and we’ll sing

♫Goodbyeeee all you fuuuucking mosquitoooes♫

For now our skin is itchy

For now we are not soothed

For now we are so bitchy

For now souls are unmoved

But soon our world will trend on the upswing

As winter approaches with the death it brings

Though comp’nies will carry out fall downsizings

And “delta how bad” you’ll Bing and you’ll Bing

Still soon we’ll be clapping, to each other we’ll cling