Let’s Discuss ‘This Is Us’: Boba Fett Went in the Toilet

As did Sister’s first marriage.

THIS IS US -- “Katoby” Episode 612 -- Pictured: (l-r) Chris Geere as Phillip, Chrissy Metz as Kate -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)
Let's Discuss 'This Is Us'

Relationships end, and relationships begin. Isn’t that true? Indeed, life can certainly feel that way. And yet our relationship with this particular family — Sister, etc. — is still going. Yes, it will be going for at least five more episodes, I regret to report. But on a positive note, Sister’s marriage has finally ended, and we don’t have to hear about San Francisco anymore. Yay. Let’s see what else.


Not yet, but in a flash-forward we do see her, um, condition has advanced. Death is near for Mother, it’s true, but she was at least able to witness Sister’s second wedding. Ultimately that’s all we wanted for her.


Well, actually that’s next week. This week we saw her engagement party (to the guy from You’re the Worst) and her divorce from her first husband (Sister’s Husband).

It was another full episode about Sister, and we have to congratulate her on the powerful spell she has cast over the Television God. Her modern-day storyline spanned a little over a year, during which we saw her husband take the job he didn’t want at home in Los Angeles, in a pouty way, and attend couples therapy, also in a pouty way. Bicker, bicker, bicker. These two have certainly grown to hate each other, haven’t they?

When their therapist tells them they should have dinner, just the two of them, they have dinner at home, in their brightly lit living room, after putting their kids to bed. Shouldn’t they have gone out to dinner, don’t you think? Gotten a babysitter? The therapist should have been more specific. In any case, while “at dinner” (ugh), the two have an enormous fight about how Husband thinks Sister wants him to be Dead Father. But he is never going to be Dead Father! He is alive! And he works in tech startup!

In an effort to get them to stop screaming at each other mere feet away from where their children are sleeping (should have gone to a restaurant), their son drops Boba Fett in the toilet. It works. Instead of fighting, Sister decides they need to divorce.

“Good job,” son.

This is your fault!


Yes, they signed all the papers and now it’s over, thank God. After doing so, Sister does karaoke in Koreatown with the guy from You’re the Worst. They perform “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba, which they later also perform at their engagement party.

In the mid-future, (please keep up), she is on a date with the You’re the Worst guy, and demands to know why he, a man who dates thin women, would date her, a non-thin woman. He tells her a very sad story about how his former wife, who was blind, couldn’t conceive after three rounds of IVF, and the resulting frustration and sadness destroyed their relationship. Then she died in a car accident mere minutes after they decided to separate. LOL. I’m sorry. Mournful LOL, at this very sad story that Sister demanded this guy tell in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant. He said he finally felt happy again with her (even though she is not thin).

And now they’re getting married.









Next week: They get married.