The Future of Fashion Is No Longer Sweatpants

Maybe its big big underwear now?

Close-up shot with a child's hand in a sweatpants pocket. Fragment of a photograph of a child in a s...

Entireworld, the loungewear brand that The New York Times Magazine called the future of fashion in a splashy cover just over a year ago, predicated on an anecdote about selling 600 pairs of lavender women’s socks during the first wave of the pandemic, is retiring for the long, eternal night.

In an Instagram post, the brand’s founder Scott Sternberg announced he and the team were hanging up their sweatpants and liquidating all of their products over the course of the next two weeks.

A few of the other predictions in “Sweatpants Forever” — once again, a New York Times Magazine cover story about how the future of fashion is pastel sweatpants — turned out to be wrong too. For instance, Batsheva Hay is quoted as saying “I think fashion week is over. I’m pretty sure it’s over forever.” She showed her spring 2022 collection last month.

Sweatpants may be over, forever, but the New York Times’s fashion predictions are still going strong. In fact, just two days ago, they announced definitively that gender is finally over. Let’s check back in next year.