Take Bette Midler’s Twitter Away

Big weekend for women who think you can't say "women" anymore

WASHINGTON, D.C. - DECEMBER 5: Singer, songwriter, actress, and comedian Bette Midler walks the red ...
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How terrible and oppressive it must be for TERFs, unable to take a long holiday weekend off from espousing your supposedly silenced beliefs in lieu of just, like, hanging out and eating a hot dog or some potato salad.

But these morons are real rise-and-grind types of bigots, so let’s see who pulled up with their stupid fucking point of view this weekend. First, of course, there’s Bette Midler. Twitter has become something of a bastion of terrible Bette Midler tweets, though this weekend saw one of the worst in recent memory, as Midler posted a panicked, unnecessary battle cry to “women of the world”:

Midler’s tweet echoed that of Pamela Paul’s loathsome op-ed published on Friday that equated “the far left’s” (not a real thing) insistence on gender-inclusive language with the far right’s (a very real thing) war on reproductive rights. Paul and Midler believe, with no real evidence because none exists, that striving for inclusivity in language has somehow hampered the pro-choice movement. What these supposedly second-wave feminists of a certain age fail to recognize is that bodily autonomy inextricably links the trans rights and reproductive rights movements, which are not only about the right to a personhood but also the economic freedom that comes with it.

And then Macy Gray made a baffling appearance on Piers Morgan’s show (Piers Morgan Uncensored — when was he censored?) in which she discussed how the American flag is no longer respected (?) and how we need to expand “culture” in the United States. Her suggestion to fix this is to make the colors of the stars represent a more diverse array of skin tones. Fair enough!

Gray went on to speak about the much-maligned notion of womanhood, going so far as to say, “If you want me to call you a 'her', I will, because that's what you want but that doesn't make you a woman just because I call you a 'her' and just because you got a surgery.” To go from an impassioned cry for more variety in culture then immediately narrow the focus of womanhood sounds like the kind of segment that would only appear on Piers Morgan Uncensored. As predicted by the boy who cried canceled, Gray is being “slammed” for “transphobic comments” by what Morgan calls a “savage” group of “activists.”

The weekend’s escalating hatred feels all too rote and all too cruel and more than anything, all too unnecessary. Of course everyone is still allowed to say “women.” For example, in the sentence: these women have very stupid ideas and should stop sharing them.