Sweden: Hot Girls Are Saving the Planet

Or at least destroying it slower than their dumb boyfriends

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A Swedish study on carbon emissions has found that men’s spending causes 16 percent more climate change damage than women’s, as reported by The Guardian. Annika Carlsson Kanyama, a spokesperson for Ecoloop, the company that conducted the study, dropped a bombshell that might have an irrevocable impact on the discourse at large.

“The way they spend is very stereotypical — women spend more money on home decoration, health and clothes and men spend more money on fuel for cars, eating out, alcohol, and tobacco,” Carlsson Kanyama said.

To put it in popular Twitter terms for your puny and self-styled “I can’t read anymore but my tits are rock hard” mind: “Hot girls were put on earth to spend money on home decoration, health and clothes, and my precious lil simps were chosen by god to spend money on fuel for cars, eating out, alcohol and tobacco.”

This is queer-baiting. Maybe? I don’t really know what that means anymore. I do know that this study is showing that, at least in Sweden, men and women impact climate change differently, and in turn, are also impacted differently, but also climate change seems only to be affected by binary gender. Leonore Gewessler, Austria’s climate minister and an advocate for an EU green deal, is quoted in the piece. She said, “The majority of people impacted by energy poverty are women. It is, therefore, crucial to take gender differences into the equation, if we want to develop solutions and a transformation that works for everyone.”

OK?? I guess we could do that, but charts and stats are hard for hot girls to read and I’m busy looking beautiful while shopping online for vegan leather goods.