Some Suggestions For 'And Just Like That' Season Two

Che Diaz gets into a boating accident (they’re fine)

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And Just Like That, the LGBTQ-inclusive, Samantha-less HBO Max revival of Sex and the City, has been renewed for a second season! And why shouldn’t it? Our girls have more tales to tell about their lives in New York City in the year 2036, when Covid’s been eradicated for good and podcast technology has advanced to the point where Carrie can take live calls during a pre-recorded episode. In fact, here are some suggestions off the top of my head.

  • Carrie gets that facelift Dr. Jonathan Groff simulated for her on his futuristic modeling machine. She briefly joins season 78 of Real Housewives of New York until she realizes she isn’t mentally resilient enough to hang around with Ramona Singer.
  • Rock goes to Groton and never comes back. Lily does a Semester at Sea.
  • Che Diaz’s pilot doesn’t work out, and they get banished to the Second City improv cruise. It collides with Lily’s school ship. Nobody dies, but it is a funny coincidence. Phantom Samantha texts Carrie, “I heard you girls got sopping wet,” and Carrie tears up.
  • That Holocaust denier Anthony brought to Shabbat dinner while Lily was putting a tampon in has a redemption arc in a quiet standalone episode about his childhood trauma.
  • Carrie and Steve hook up after running into each other at a Pilates class and bonding over how Miranda has changed.
  • HBO brings in Euphoria’s ageless wonder Alexa Demie to play Samantha. Kristen Chenoweth could also work.
  • Bottle episode! (Honey, the only bottle I want is one of Casa Azul, chilled. That’s my Alexa Demie as Samantha impression. Also, Carrie pees in another Snapple bottle.)
  • Miranda moves to the Hudson Valley and starts doing structurally unsound house-flipping jobs, inspired by her time apprenticing with Dr. Nya Wallace on the women’s shelter project in Greenpoint, which is the subject of a Gothamist exposé. She develops a reputation in town as being a cheat and a cheapskate and has to keep moving further north to outrun it until she’s alone and drinking again in a half-refurbished Adirondack Great Camp.
  • Brady gets dumped and goes full incel.
  • Lisa Todd Wexley, who won the Academy Award for her documentary about union-busting before being accused of union-busting her own crew, hasn’t seen Charlotte since season 1. It has nothing to do with the union thing — Charlotte doesn’t know what those are. Sometimes friends just drift apart.
  • Multiple women come forward accusing Mr. Big of improper conduct after his death. Carrie goes on fellow podcaster Joe Rogan’s show and tells him they’re just jealous.
  • Steve and Carrie end up together, but she finds his diary and it turns out he’d been to Little St. James Island more than once.
  • Even more realistic prosthetic penises but worse CGI Manhattan backdrops
  • The girls decide they actually hate each other.