Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Shares Some Facts

For example he's cured three incurable diseases in himself, and has had $50,000 stolen from him five to seven times.

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incurable diseases

Dilbert creator and rape apologist Scott Adams has had a gun pointed at his head — and we’re talking a real gun here, all right? don’t get smart — five times. This bit of accounting begins a fact-filled Twitter thread from the far-right podcaster that a non-genius-level mind can only imagine was spurred by something about, uh, ... masculinity maybe, or crime, or race, or gender, or the idea of America, or the triumph of private industry, or cancel culture somehow, or maybe Elon Musk. Or maybe pronouns?

Regardless, Scott would like to share some information and he indeed has the floor.

Got it, already covered this one.

If two very hardcore and tough bullies, who you can imagine would be quite threatening to a weaker soul, surrender to the teenaged soon-to-be creator of Dilbert without countering, is it truly a “fight”? The answer is no. Next.

If capitalism didn’t want our car stereos stolen over, and over, and over, and over again, the market would provide a way to prevent it. Next fact.

This is America, and it’s easy to look away. But the Dilbert guy is asking you to open your eyes to the harsh truth of the number of times his home or garage has been burgled, which is five.

Oh no ... I certainly hope it wasn’t those bullies from before.

If the reader is at this point wondering whether Scott Adams should consider being “more careful” in “seemingly every aspect of his life,” I’d like to offer a different idea. Consider, instead, what the circumstances would be if men were still allowed to be men. Consider, instead, if — what if this country were returned to its former glory? A time when Republicans weren’t being hunted down and killed for their beliefs — a time where it was less easy to steal over $50,000 from the creator of Dilbert five-to-seven times, probably at knifepoint? We’d all be a bit “richer” then, wouldn’t we?

Okay this one isn’t even about him.

He lived, bitch. And what do you have to say to that, haters? Three major auto accidents and guess what? Scott Adams is thriving. He has never been better. Joe Biden hates to see this, and he actually cries when he thinks about it, but what’s Scott Adams gonna do? Not survive every one of his many major auto accidents? You wish! Okay? You wish.

Some might allege not knowing exactly what Wally and Alice would say at any given moment is not an affliction worth attempting to cure within one’s own self, and that’s why those people have not reached the plane upon which Scott Adams rests; the throne from which he creates. What would you attempt to accomplish if you knew you could not fail?

Millennial burnout!


Yep, right. And I count myself among those thousands; my various health problems have disappeared via his public advice. We thank our health hero Scott Adams, as we are now saved. Dilbert is my doctor, and the news is making us sick!