Savage X Fenty Show to Feature Withering Husk of Johnny Depp

The embattled actor will play a part in Rihanna's annual production

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 12: Johnny Depp attends a SiriusXM’s Town Hall alongside Jeff Beck in s...
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Johnny Depp has been everywhere lately, whether it’s looking like a damn ghoul while on tour with Jeff Beck or looking like a damn goblin while on tour with Jeff Beck. The two are currently traveling together playing music from their 2022 joint album called 18, featuring an illustrated album cover depicting two men who look nothing like the men singing on the record. Earlier this year, Depp also appeared inside a holographic Moon Man at the VMAs and wrapped various movie projects. Now, TMZ reports that Depp will be the first man featured in this year’s Savage X Fenty show as one of the evening’s “star” moments (scare quotes theirs).

Everything has been looking up for the actor, who spent the majority of his recent multi-week defamation trial against Amber Heard complaining that the actress’s abuse allegations against him cost him plenty of work, including another Pirates movie. Depp eventually won the suit and has since been focusing on his slow but steady but also embarrassing comeback. That the entertainment industry — especially the parts of it designed to appeal to the under-30s (first of all, how many zoomers are listening to Jeff Beck?) — has been hellbent on reviving Depp’s career and re-establishing his role as a sex symbol, is a massive fucking bummer. But especially if it allegedly involves Rihanna, who has often been outspoken about survivors of abuse. “It’s not a subject to sweep under the rug,” she told Vanity Fair in 2015.

To Savage X Fenty’s credit, I guess, Depp reportedly won’t be walking the runway itself, but rather featured as a surprise guest. Sources told TMZ that the vibe would be “cool and chic” and that it would include “all aspects of Johnny’s artistry — music, modeling, and acting.” A tribute to fedora rock and whatever the hell Depp was doing in the movie Black Mass, how thrilling.

Savage X Fenty has been praised for welcoming body positivity, and any casual scroller of their site will see models of all shapes and sizes. Featuring a lumpy, decaying potato like Johnny Depp would be the ultimate act of radical inclusivity.