Oscar For Harry Styles? Haha, Just Kidding… Unless?

Best of luck to the 'My Policeman' campaign on their wasted money

British actors Harry Styles (L), Emma Corrin (C) and David Dawson arrive for the premiere of My Poli...
my awards bait

Maybe it’s not so much My Policeman as it is our policeman, which is to say that all three leads of Michael Grandage’s My Policeman are being considered in the supporting category for this year’s Academy Awards. This includes David Dawson (who?) but also Emma Corrin (slay) and most notably, singer and spitter Harry Styles.

Though My Policeman won’t be out for another month, it has all the trappings of maudlin Oscar bait: an English period piece concerned with repressed homosexuality. It’s the type of movie to make you feel wistful about the past and grateful for the present. Literally someone is going to have to wake me up when I fall asleep on my Roku remote watching it on Prime, but given the track record of Harry’s film career thus far this year, it’s probably the safer awards bet.

Does Styles deserve an Oscar for My Policeman? Reviews called him “flat” with “little conviction,” and RogerEbert.Com critic Robert Daniels opened his review saying, “Sometimes I look at Harry Styles and I feel bad for him.” Okay, well, Styles wouldn’t be the first person who is bad at acting to win an Oscar. Remember Rami Malek?

“For your consideration” campaigns are a dime a dozen this time a year, and even though Styles may not be the most promising performer of the season, it’s understandable that Amazon would want to get their money’s worth in reminding everyone that he’s not the most promising performer of the season.