NYT Styles Adds "Clothes" To List of Things That Are Back

Try and keep up [drags on cigarette]

Young female wearing stylish outfit and mask browsing mobile phone near stone wall with hand in pock...
Juan Algar/Moment/Getty Images

Bad news, frumpy sluts who think they’re on the cutting edge. The New York Times’ always-prophetic Style section has declared that getting dressed during the pandemic is officially back. In a stunning reversal to their brother department New York Times Magazine’s Sweatpants Forever ordinance, regular women like you and me are donning crop tops, puppy print blouses, and oversized white button-downs with bike shorts. One subject, who calls herself a “sustainable maximalist” — who used to only wear black, then pandemic pajamas, and now has a bag with a doll face on it — says expressing yourself is back. We are wearing tights again! What’s old is new, and purchased on Depop! I can’t keep up!

It seems like Styles has been issuing stern decrees on what is back. This has always been the section’s metier, but lately it’s been happening at such a breakneck pace that I’m starting to get a little suspicious. Can anyone just say something’s “back,” so long as they can provide at least four TikToks to their editor to prove the trend? Seems like it, which might be a good Styles piece. Stella Bugbee, if you’re listening, backing up your thesis is back, too!

In just the past handful of months, here is what the Styles section has said is back:

Looks like I’ve got a lot of inner child work I’ve got to get to.