Lush Cosmetics Drops a Bomb: No More Social Media

The vegetarian soap company engaged in the radical act of bringing attention to itself

BERLIN GERMANY - NOVEMBER 28: Shoppers wait to enter a Lush cosmetics store with a Christmas theme o...
Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images
circling the drain

The bath bomb artillery Lush Cosmetics is discontinuing its social media presence “in a radical move to draw attention to how those platforms are damaging people’s mental health,” according to CNN. If only social media could be good for people’s mental health, like the beauty industry.

In a press release, Jack Constantine, the company’s chief digital officer and “product inventor” said, “As an inventor of bath bombs, I pour all my efforts into creating products that help people switch off, relax and pay attention to their wellbeing. Social media platforms have become the antithesis of this aim, with algorithms designed to keep people scrolling and stop them from switching off and relaxing."

First of all, get a real job (like bath bomb blogger maybe). Second of all, bath bombs are not the “antithesis” of social media; not everything has to be a whole thing. And third of all, if Constantine really cares about people’s “wellbeing,” he should think about inventing a bath bomb that doesn’t leave an indelible purple glitter ring around the perimeter of your mom’s bathtub so that she stops yelling at you about how she’s going to have to call a plumber and why does it smell like patchouli in here. Or maybe a powdered toothpaste that actually works.