High School Football Team Loses 106-0, Learns Important Lesson About Comedy

Thank you to the Morningside high school football team for their hilarious sacrifice.

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A high school football team in Los Angeles lost a game with a score of 106-0, and now everybody knows about it.

Aw. :(

And also LOL. :)

Inglewood High School’s team scored 56 points in the first quarter, and was up 83-0 by halftime; their star quarterback made 13 touchdowns. According to CNN, “the most controversial move” came when Inglewood's head coach “went for a two-point conversion” when the score was already 104-0. I don’t know what all that means, but I do know that it is very funny, on account of one team’s points getting higher and higher — and then even a little higher — while the other's stayed at exactly zero. I’ve heard of football game scores like 20-16 or 45-30 before, but I’ve never seen a score like this one, which is, again, 106-0.

The hilarious, I mean unsportsmanlike, win has made headlines and prompted the release of several statements from the adults involved, as well as this statement from famed commentator Dick Vitale, which came in the form of a tweet:

“How can the Coaching staff of INGLEWOOD HS California feel good about themselves ?They beat MORNINGSIDE HS 106-0.Their QB threw for 13 TD’s & while up 104-0 THEY GO FOR 2 ! SICKENING & a DISGRACE to the Title of COACH! Congrats on teaching good sportsmanship .U SHOULD BE FIRED!”

Morningside’s coach, Brian Collins, told the L.A. Times he believes it was “a classless move” for the Inglewood team to demolish his team in such a humorous fashion, but that he is proud of his team for not quitting. One of the Morningside football players, Dayvon Scruggs, told KABC: "We came in the game knowing that we were going to lose, but at the same time we still fought to the very end and didn't quit and that's what really matters." That is true, in a sense, and we are so proud of our Morningside sweeties who we love unconditionally, but that is not what’s making headlines — that would be the fact that the final score of the game was 106-0.

The Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) released a statement saying they were "saddened beyond words" at the big funny loss that surely gave many people in the community a good laugh, and that they will “will conduct a full investigation and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that a similar outcome never happens again under an IUSD athletic program.”

“Our administration and coaching staff believe that athletics should be a source of pride for our community,” Inglewood High School Principal Debbie Tate said in a statement. “While Friday's game did not reflect our best judgement as administrators, the Morningside High School and Inglewood High school football players, and their coaches have worked hard all season and deserve our respect.”

Yes, the Morningside high school football team, which does indeed deserve our respect, has learned an important lesson this week. It is not funny to lose in a medium way, and to have the game called on account of your lack of ability. Nobody’s gonna care about that. If you’re going to lose, you might as well lose in the hugest way possible. Because that’s at least funny for the rest of us, and it will be all over the news.

Thank you, Morningside.