Halloween Poll: Is This TikTok Dog Being Spooked by a Ghost?

I have to warn you — you will be scared.

funny dog in ghost costume posing for Halloween
real ghosts caught on film

I’m sorry to frighten you so early in the morning, but this is important. I need you to watch this TikTok posted by user shannyfantg and tell me immediately whether you think it features a ghost:


“Sorry for the obnoxious barking at the beginning,” writes shannyfantg. “Watch my black dog. Ghost takes her collar off in her crate.” And indeed, the video features about three hours of barking before the ghost part, for which I do apologize; feel free to skip to the :40 mark if you haven’t already watched it. But does, indeed, a ghost take off her collar in the crate?

I’ll give you a moment to watch again.

Some things to consider on the pro-ghost side:

  • It’s possible that ghosts do not like barking.
  • It’s almost Halloween, which is a good time for a ghost to reveal herself if she were going to do so.
  • The dog seems to have been spooked by a ghost.
  • People tells us that other TikTok users “were quick to respond to the clip, with many noting how eerie and real the alleged ghost encounter appears to be.” And you know how discerning they are.
  • One of them said “I've never seen such a convincing ghost video.” Okay.
  • People also tells us that shannyfantg shared a statement with them explaining that she only crates the dogs for two hours a day, and it’s fine; we weren’t judging her. Sometimes you need to crate a dog for their own safety while you’re away.
  • You can’t see who takes off the collar, and ghosts are notoriously see-through.
  • It’s possible that ghosts feel that when a dog is within her crate, she doesn’t need to wear a collar. Maybe the ghost wanted to make the dog a bit more comfortable.

Some things to consider on the no-ghost side:

  • If the ghost wanted to make the black dog more comfortable, why wouldn’t the ghost have taken off the other dog’s collar as well? Favoritism?
  • That seems rude.
  • It kind of looks like the collar just pops off due to improper fastening, and that the dog is spooked by the collar popping off.
  • If we have to believe in ghosts, do we have to believe in an afterlife?
  • I’d rather not think about that.

So what do you think? Please fill out the form below and mail it to someone who recently died: