12 Days of Gift Guides: Gifts for Grown-up Gifted Kids

They always need cheering up

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12 Days of Gift Guides

What do you get the person who peaked in fifth grade? The ones who were sequestered and distinguished from everyone and believed it enough to stop trying for the rest of their lives? Whether the adult gifted child in your life needs their fire rekindled, or simply desires to be soothed into an oblivion, these gifts are sure to speak to stressed-out souls of the gifted.

Taste Test Foodie After Dinner Trivia Game $22

Would you rather be right or have fun is a question that many a gifted kid has had to ask themself throughout life. The great thing about trivia cards is you can do either. Those who have the patience and humility to put their ignorance on display among friends will be rewarded with deeper relationships, and everyone else can study the answers like flash cards so no one can ever get one over on you again.

Gummy Bear Tarot Deck $19.95

You can’t buy someone certainty but you can at least let them harbor the delusion that the future is under their control.

One-year subscription to Reminisce Magazine $10

If you were raised to believe you should read ahead of your age-level, you might be at a loss for material to stay ahead after college. Reminisce, which is published by the same group that makes Reader’s Digest, is described as “North America’s top-selling nostalgia magazine,” with “fascinating pop culture features and engaging stories about what we loved in the past.” Keeping up with the latest Reminisce will make you the favorite of all your elders, no matter how old you or they are.

Montessori Furniture starting at $29

To remind them of their happiest memory (being in school).

Body Solid 5 to 30 lb Kettlebell Set $249.99

When you are only seen for your intellect, it can be hard to learn that it is also important to be hot. Hence the adult glow-up that has turned many a depressive trajectory toward vanity, which comes with its own exciting set of problems. There’s nothing like a quest for physical perfection to suffocate your misery.

Hagoromo Fulltouch Color Chalk $49.90

This chalk is said to be the best in the world, with particularly smooth writing ability and extra clarity. It doesn’t matter if it’s impractical for anyone other than a practicing mathematician as long as it’s the best.

Original Napping Pillow $99

When your outlook gets too bleak from doubting yourself, or you get cranky from the lack of external validation, sometimes all you can do is shut down and take a nap.

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