Everyone’s a Loser In the Ongoing Wilde/Sudeikis Drama

Yes, even Harry Styles

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do worry darling

In April, at the hallowed PR event known as CinemaCon, Jason Sudeikis served his ex-fiancée and mother of his two children, Olivia Wilde, with custody papers during a presentation on her forthcoming film Don’t Worry Darling. Up until that point, their pandemic separation and Wilde’s newfound relationship with her starlet Harry Styles seemed vaguely cordial, if not professional. As the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival approaches, these two have entered an embarrassing he said-she said that leaves neither looking good.

Just to check up on the scores, let’s see where everyone stands.

Loser: Jason Sudeikis

Sudeikis claims that he didn’t know that Wilde would be served during CinemaCon, preferring — as reported today — that she wasn’t served while she was with her children “at her partner’s house” (aka Harry Styles’ home). For sure. That wouldn’t be great for the kids, but it’s also not great to undercut a meaningful moment of her career at the famous and beloved business event CinemaCon. As a plaintiff, you can’t pick where and when someone is served, so it’s really not on him, but his denial of involvement has only soured the situation.

Loser: Olivia Wilde

In the leadup to her film’s premiere, Wilde has done a number of baffling things, including share these stupid mood boards for her movie. What is she, a college freshman? That she is now speaking out about the CinemaCon event ahead of a potentially tepid response to her film — perhaps hoping to cast off blame on Sudeikis for a movie that was her responsibility — is a distraction and waste of time.

Loser: Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde’s children

It can’t be good for these kids that their parents are now enmeshed in not only a legal but public custody battle that involves moving them between three major cities (LA, New York, and London) in order to accommodate their parents’ schedules and relationships.

Loser: Harry Styles

This guy should have stuck to being in one great movie, Dunkirk, and releasing Tame Impala-lite albums for the next dozen years. A twisted, erotic film with (as far as I can tell) intellectual pretensions is going to challenge his ability to say two sentences in a row.

Loser: The city of Venice

The beautiful canal-rich city of Venice, where Don’t Worry Darling will premiere in about a month, is sinking into the water due to climate change. Not really related to this but sad nonetheless.

Loser: Florence Pugh

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