Dad Gift Soon Available

“Uh, I guess he’d like a bound copy of Obama and Springsteen’s podcast?”

MADISON, WISCONSIN: NOVEMBER 5 -- Bruce Springsteen shares a moment with President Barack Obama duri...
The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images
he'll love it

Ever wish you could read the things two people are fuckin’ talk-talk-talking about on their dumbass podcast, like it was some shitty book? Well, your wish is about to be granted, my friend, all thanks to Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen, Penguin Random House, and of course the Lord above.

Yes, a bound edition of Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen’s podcast Renegades will be in stores this October for a cool half-a-hundred ($50). The book will contain not only transcribed podcast conversations, but also, according to the AP, “rare photographs, handwritten Springsteen lyrics, and annotated Obama speeches.” Yes, you can almost hear the book’s editor typing into a Word document of other things that could possibly be included in the book.

Dads around the country will hardly be able to contain their delight this Christmas morning, scurrying down the stairs and rushing to open their gift of a bound edition of the podcast they listened to in the living room wearing their noise-canceling headphones while your mom watched a show about women. Ah, just what he wanted, from a child who sort of knows him. Perfection.