Brad Pitt Is Making Sculptures to Heal From Trauma of People Learning Things About Him

His all-boys art group is just a PR distraction

VENICE, ITALY - AUGUST 29: Brad Pitt is seen arriving at the 76th Venice Film Festival on August 29,...
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group therapy

Is anyone more committed to proving that he’s working on himself than Brad Pitt? Seriously: read an interview with Brad Pitt from the last few years and you’ll see that he’s working on himself, really working, in a way that involves selling shirts or selling skincare or now, joining a boys’ art group with Nick Cave and artist Thomas Houseago, where they will presumably and eventually be selling art after their group show in Finland.

Amidst the ongoing lawsuit against his ex-wife Angelina Jolie over their once-shared French winery and accusations that Pitt was abusive, he is working on a lot of art. This is sort of like how I took up watercolors to deal with the trauma of having to be on the computer all the time, except I am not involved in any active litigation over a French winery and I never hit anyone, let alone my spouse.

But enough of the whining! It’s time for the bromance!

FT has detailed Pitt’s new dudes rock! art group, which focuses on healing through process and deliberation and making freaky little sculptures. Houseago himself is recovering from both substance and childhood abuse; Cave is also recovering from substance abuse and grief from the death of his two sons; Pitt’s “mutual misery,” of course, is his divorce from Jolie. “And out of this misery came a flame of joy in my life,” he told FT. It is good that any joy could come out of Jolie’s allegations that Pitt attacked her and her children on a flight back in 2016, so rest easy knowing that Pitt is funneling his trauma into something productive.

These art boys have been hanging around with other art boys, like Blonde director Andrew Dominik, Spike Jonze, and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Seems like the fellas have a lot to discuss — new eps of House of the Dragon, what people do for fun in Finland, whether or not the lanternflies are just kinda gone now. Pitt goes on to say that he’s found great comfort in friendships as he’s gotten older, and he’s happy to have the chance to finally be himself. Well — awesome. That all sounds great! Can’t wait to hear about what else is going well for him the next time more details emerge from his ongoing suit against his ex-wife.