Whose Side Are You on in the Botched Disneyland Proposal?

Let’s think about it

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taking sides

Disney is a religion and Mickey Mouse is God; we learned this today from a tweet. And like any religion worth its weight in indulgences, Disney has rules. One of those rules is (feel free to say it with me now) you have to wear one of those hats with the ears. But the second most important is, of course: you can’t propose marriage to your significant other on the stage in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland Paris.

Why? Trick question. We don’t ask why, we merely obey and wait for our final reward. Unless, that is, you are this man from a viral Reddit post.

This man, who spoke to the New York Times and who would like to be referred to only as Ante, recently hopped up onto the stage in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland Paris to propose marriage to his significant other. He chose Disney because their movies and parks are important to both him and his now fiancée. He told the Times that he whispered his plan into the ear of a Disney employee beforehand and was given permission (against God’s will?) to approach the otherwise off-limits stage, but still his plan was foiled.

As is documented in the Reddit video, midway through his proposal, a different Disneyland employee rushed the stage, took the ring from his hand, and ushered the couple away.

Viewers of the video have reacted with anger toward the Disney employee. Disney itself offered the couple a free weekend stay as an apology. But Ante didn’t take them up on it. “I don’t want to visit Disneyland any more,” he told the Times. “They can’t give us the moment back and that’s the only thing I want — to get a second chance.”

Now you have all the details. Whose side are you on? Let’s think it through.


The Disneyland employee was just doing his job. He didn’t know Ante had asked for permission to propose on the stage, and frankly we don’t know for sure, either. And who knows if the employee even had a right to give that permission. If he was caught allowing the couple to continue standing in a place where they were not allowed to stand, he could have lost his job.


Who cares if this guy wants to stand on the stage in front of Sleeping Beauty’s house to ask his girlfriend to marry him? Who is he hurting? Nobody else was using the stage. Plus that Disneyland employee looks a little too smug, and taking the ring from Ante’s hand was egregious and rude.


Public marriage proposals are a scourge. No one cares about your business, do this in private. The end here justifies the means.


We respect Mickey Mouse and we obey Him.


We respect Minnie Mouse as well, but less.

I guess those are all the options. Think about it really hard, write it down, and burn your answer. Do not speak of it in prayer tonight. Mickey is a vengeful God.