A Tale of Two Dinners

Julia Fox, Kanye West, Eric Adams, and Andrew Cuomo are eating

Collage Jenny G. Zhang: Spencer Platt/Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
french onion revolution

It was the worst of times, it was the even worse of times; it was the age of plant-based dinners at the Italian joint, it was the age of moules frites eaten while wearing leather gloves; it was the epoch of workplace sexual harrassment, it was the epoch of lovebombing; it was the season of navy blue suits, it was the season of low-rise pants and matching denim; it was the spring of Midtown, it was the winter of 1st Avenue.

So a tale of two dinners in Manhattan last night began, with celebrity it-couple Mayor Eric Adams and disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo hitting up theater district hotspot Osteria la Baia while Kanye West and Julia Fox celebrated Fox’s birthday at East Village bistro Lucien with a group including (loyal bestie who they are both huge fans of) Jeremy O. Harris and Cat Marnell.

Uptown, Adams and Cuomo dined in a private room, chewing over the concerns of men. Adams’s press secretary told the New York Daily News that he only met with the poisoned PowerPointer “to talk about governance, which is particularly important in these unprecedented times...There was nothing political about the conversation, and the mayor stands by his earlier comments that the former governor should have stepped down, as he did.”

Meanwhile downtown, Kanye flew in from LA for his beauty school mannequin’s 32nd birthday amid working on Donda 2 and was reportedly “all smiles,” a source told Page Six.

As New York City’s long Dickensian winter continues, the disgraced pols make room for up-and-coming muses, and power brokers up and down the island of Manhattan are opening gifts, smiling for the cameras, asking about plant-based alternatives, and smiling into their French onion soups.

Eat the rich? Honey, the rich are eating!