A Kiss For Maestro

Bradley Cooper smooches Matt Bomer on set of his forthcoming Bernstein biopic

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 31: Bradley Cooper is seen on movie set of the 'Maestro' in Central Park, Manhatt...
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

The summer of Maestro rages on!

Here’s what we know about Bradley Cooper’s upcoming Leonard Bernstein biopic Maestro: Bradley Cooper is Bernstein, the iconic composer and New York Philharmonic conductor, otherwise known as “Maestro.” In addition to being the Maestro of Maestro, Bradley Cooper is also directing Maestro. Unfortunately, Maestro won’t be out on Netflix until next year, so we peons and plebes are forced to concoct a plot based on the four decades of Maestro’s life that the movie (Maestro) will span.

Because Maestro is a classical music composer and conductor, we can assume that a great deal of the film will be about music. Writing it, listening to it, conducting it, saying “isn’t this actually the most timeless, elegant contribution to the arts?” to which we’ll say, “yes, Maestro, it is.” The other week, Maestro was out walking and talking with Carey Mulligan, who is playing Mrs. Maestro, Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein. So we know that Maestro walks. We know that Maestro talks. We know that Maestro smokes cigarettes. We know that Maestro holds hands.

But one major question lingered: does Maestro kiss?

Good news – and just in time for Pride – Maestro kissed! Maestro shared a sweet little smooch with classic hunk Matt Bomer while shooting in Central Park this morning. According to Variety, Bomer is playing a clarinet player with whom Maestro has an affair (wolf whistle). What did Maestro do to deserve the kiss? That information is still unknown, but maybe the gentle kiss comes as reward for composing the score to West Side Story or Candide. Maybe the kiss is to congratulate Maestro on a conducting job well done. Or, given the perfect peck’s summer glow and Mr. Cooper’s briefcase in tow, this is a fond kiss farewell before Maestro heads off to work for another day of being Maestro. Just Maestro things!

So there you have it: Maestro kisses. What will he do next? Only Maestro knows.