9 Reasons It Actually Sucks to Be a Gifted Kid

The prophet-of-God to generalized anxiety disorder pipeline.

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Gifted Kids

Everyone wants to be a gifted kid, right? Great report cards, respect from adults, the fact that you’re never bored when you have a curious mind, and of course you get to read so many great books and see math come alive in nature. But the gifted kid burnout is real, my friends — and I’ll tell you why.

  1. Everyone expects you to speak in tongues on demand. Once people realize you can do it, they never stop asking! Of course it’s fun at first, but the “party trick” gets old pretty fast. And it might be impolite to say, but if you like speaking in tongues so much, why don’t you learn how to do it?
  2. When they’re around you, non-gifted friends never want to discern their own spirits. “Can you tell me whether this is good or evil?” “Uhh, sorry, is this the influence of God, Satan, or the flesh?” I know it will take you a bit longer than it would take me, but you should at least try to figure it out for yourself.
  3. The pressure to be a teacher. Yes, I am great at understanding and communicating ideas with a divine persuasiveness. But, not to sound cocky, I’m great at a lot of things. Why can’t I choose my own path?
  4. Everyone wants gossip about God’s secret plans and wisdom. Literally leave me alone. You’ll find out yourself eventually ...
  5. Being prophetic is a ton of pressure. Honestly? Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a gifted kid at all, because the pressure to be amazing is so severe. I do it, though — I hear and interpret the prophecies for the masses. Because at the end of the day, if I don’t give a prophetic utterance, who will? (Probably a heretic!)
  6. People expect you to be their personal Google Translate. Whenever someone is speaking in tongues, everyone is like, “get the gifted kid! She’s like our personal Google Translate!” I mean, not to be rude but … Google Translate is already your personal Google Translate? Just use that.
  7. Sometimes people are turned off by your supernatural confidence in God. Sorry not sorry, I was born this way!
  8. Everyone always wants you to heal them. Whether it’s from family, friends, or strangers, and whether the healing requested is physical, psychological, or spiritual, the requests never stop. Sometimes I feel like a dermatologist at a party full of brazen people with skin issues. I’m happy to heal, obviously, but have some tact.
  9. I’m literally not a genie. I don’t grant wishes. I do miracles. There is a difference.