You Decide: Does This Baby With Hair Look Like Kate Middleton?

‘The Sun’ says yes.

Kate Middleton: WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Baby: Shutterstock
royal hair

“My 18-month-old has hair like Kate Middleton… I always get stopped by amazed passers-by,” says a recent article in UK tabloid The Sun. The 18-month-old in question is named Alanah Wilkins and she does, indeed, have a substantial head of auburn hair. “Just two days after she was born I was having to put her hair in ponytails because it was just getting in the way,” her mother Mia said — and you can see why.

“We’ve never had her hair cut and she loves having her hair washed and brushed so we’ll just leave it and let her tell us if she wants it cut,” Mia told The Sun. “People say that she looks like Kate Middleton and I can see the likeness but others call her Pocahontas after the Disney character while others think her hair looks like a lion’s mane.”

It seems everyone has their own little opinion about little Alanah Wilkins, doesn’t it? And now it’s time for you to develop your own. Unfortunately because of copyright reasons we do not have access to the photographs of little Alanah, which would indeed be helpful in your decision-making process. But luckily I have over the years developed — due to situations just like this — an uncanny ability to duplicate a person’s likeness via an online program that allows me to draw on the computer. So you tell us.

This is Kate Middleon:


Does this baby with hair look like Kate Middleton?

Yes or no?