Rory Gilmore and Pete Campbell Cause of Marriage Death Revealed

One of the two reportedly has a severe case of “lone wolf”

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Oy, with the poodles already. (I say this with sorrow.) An insider has spoken to Us Weekly about the reason behind Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser’s decision to end their marriage in August. And I know you have some guesses about it already, like:

  • Rory is pregnant with Logan’s baby
  • Pete realized his unrequited love for Peggy was too overwhelming and decided to become a priest, which unfortunately only made Peggy realize he was the one for her after all
  • Rory wanted to write a memoir called Campbell Girls and Pete was mad because he thought it should be “girl” (singular) since there’s only one of her and the child they share is a boy; she thought he was obsessed with gender and stuck in the past
  • Trudy fell in love with Jess
  • Pete got into a fight with Dean
  • Don and Luke shared an illicit kiss after Lorelai bullied Luke into hiring SCDP to think up a nationwide advertising campaign for Luke’s; he didn’t like their idea (sentimental piece about coming together as a community to find nourishment both physical and emotional) but he did like Don
  • Lorelai and Joan start out as workplace enemies but become lifelong friends
  • Betty and Lindsay (Dean’s ex-wife) form some sort of a club
  • Sally cuts Clara’s hair while she’s asleep (they go to the same sleepaway camp)
  • There’s a town meeting but also Harry, Stan, Ken Cosgrove, Kinsey, Salvatore, Bobby Draper, Harry Hamlin, and Henry Francis are there
  • Ummm, maybe Peggy interviews Rory for a job and is stunned by her general incompetence

But no, it’s none of those. According to Us Weekly’s insider, Bledel and Kartheiser’s decision to split stemmed from a “growing distance” between the two, who have not made a public appearance together in “years.”

“They didn’t have a huge circle of friends but they both made up for it with very thriving and busy careers — almost to a fault,” the source said. “Vincent has always been a little bit of a lone wolf and he’s going to benefit from time on his own.”

The insider added that on top of Kartheiser being a bit of a lone wolf, he is extremely strange. This caused a rift with Bledel because she is just regular weird. “Alexis is a little eccentric herself but compared to Vinnie, she’s incredibly normal,” they said. “For starters, Vinnie lives life by an unbreakable code of being humble and following a low-consumption lifestyle. That’s something he’s credited as helping him survive the crazy world of starting out as a child actor and that’s part of what drew Alexis to him — he was different.”

Yes, like remember when he didn’t have a toilet? Maybe he can get back to that lifestyle now that he’s once again a lone wolf. Let’s hope Rory can find a new life for herself, too, with as many toilets as she wants. I bet Logan would buy her a really nice one.