What's Up With Jojo Siwa's New Girlfriend?

The TikTok sleuths are on it

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Gawker Person of the Year Jojo Siwa broke up with her girlfriend Kylie Prew (see their two best moments available on our photo subscription service here) and appears to have moved on with a marginal TikTok phenom named Katie Mills.

You’d think after having such an honor bestowed upon her, Jojo, who also served as the youngest-ever guest host on Ellen this week, would have her people scrub her girlfriend’s digital footprint before sitting courtside at a Lakers game with her. But the TikTok sleuths are more cunning and creative than the Siwanation’s best fixers, and they’ve discovered that Jojo Siwa’s new girlfriend was, or is, at one point a MAGA teen. As recently as 2020, she was using her Twitter account to retweet pro-Trump content, which appear to have been deleted recently. We know from Melania that Trump is not “Auntie Gay,” but realistically, being a LGBTQ icon’s girlfriend is at odds with being a MAGA head.

Look at what the teens have discovered.

Katie Mills retweeted a post apologizing for letting Donald Trump down after the election, among other items:

And here again:

She also faved some TERFy content:

(Not for nothing, Mama Siwa is also anti-Vaxx curious and possibly a MAGA fan.)

It brings me no pleasure to write critically of someone who may not have a developed frontal lobe yet, and I want to allow the possibility that people, especially likely-once-closeted teenagers who appear to have grown up in Ephraim, UT, a city with a large LDS (famously anti-gay) influence, can change. But if this girl hurts Jojo or publicly tarnishes the image she’s been meticulously crafting these last six months, we will send the best crisis actors Antifa has to offer after her.