What Could Erika Jayne's Cryptic Message Possibly Mean?

The Real Housewife shared a mysterious dispatch on social media.

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Erika Jayne, Real Housewife and songstress, is currently embroiled in a particularly nasty divorce. She and her estranged husband, lawyer Tom Girardi, were sued for allegedly embezzling money meant for plane crash victims Girardi represented; Erika Jayne herself is accused of spending $25 million of his firm’s money on things including but not limited to her glam squad. Erika has also continued to appear on episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she is constantly peppered with incriminating questions by her co-stars in what can only be described as a viewing experience more intensely enjoyable than any of the other shit everybody is always talking about. And now this.

“Erika Jayne shares odd message to social media amid legal woes and divorce,” says Fox. “Erika Jayne shares cryptic ‘Girardi’ message amid divorce, legal woes,” says “Page Six.” “RHOBH’s Erika Jayne Shares Cryptic ‘Girardi’ Message Amid Divorce Battle With Tom Girardi,” says Us.

Gosh. What is this cryptic message? What deliciously enigmatic morsel could be hidden among the 0 and 1s of the, uh, computer? We took to social media to find out.

Ah — there it is. But would could it mean? Gihh.. raaare… de. Geeaar… airr… deh. If only she had not been so cryptic. Perhaps it is an acrostic.

Glam squad,







Oh my god. Is it a message from Erika Jayna to her glam squad, informing them that she has in fact always been a ghost? That they had been traveling around the world with a spirit? That the Erika they think they knew is but a figment from the past?

Until Erika tells us more, I suppose that is our best guess. But our curiosity is certainly piqued.