We're Rooting for Meghan King

The unlucky-in-love housewife/detective keeps it 100

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Based on the headlines, one might think that Meghan King O’Toole Edmonds Owens King, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star, is the most miserable living woman on earth.

Today an Us Weekly “exclusive!” was headed as such: Meghan King Describes Coparenting ‘Struggle’ Raising 3 Kids With Jim Edmonds: ‘He Hates Me.’ She spoke of coparenting her three small children Aspen, Hart, and Hayes with her ex-husband: “I don’t know what it is. Like, I don’t. I’d be the one to get advice. In order to coparent, you have to communicate right? Yeah, so that would be a good start. … Jim hates me. It’s horrible.”

This follows on the heels of yesterday’s Us Weekly “exclusive!” in which she told the magazine she is “done with marriage” following her third trip down the aisle with President Joe Biden’s nephew Cuffe Biden Owens. The couple was married for two months.

And if you can even believe it, that bombshell follows ANOTHER Us Weekly “exclusive!” that Owens as an individual didn’t have “any kind of deep impact” on her kids’ lives, despite the fact that “obviously they had to meet him.”.

And yet, she continues to keep it relentlessly positive, no matter what, even when the internet “mom shames” her for locking her child in a car while grabbing a special ice cream treat after school.

Look at her, celebrating Sunday Funday even when her team loses:

Or drinking champagne alone on a solo ski vacation:


She’s even rewatching her seasons of Real Housewives of Orange County, on which she was pretty universally panned, with a healthy new distance from it all. She was universally disliked, but I thought she was a major story engine. I’ll never forget the work she did uncovering Brooks’s fake cancer

Keep your chin up, Meg, and keep talking to Us Weekly two to three times a day. We are rooting for you!