You Know What We Don’t Talk About Enough? Living Your Truth

I guess I've never thought of it like that

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 27: Demi Lovato is seen arriving at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards ...
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speak up!

Everyone’s afraid to admit it. Nobody can utter it out loud:

It is so, so important, to live your truth.


Nobody is talking about it — except Demi Lovato.

With their new 10-minute Roku original talk show, which promises to confront “today’s edgiest social topics in frank and honest discussions,” Lovato vows to free truthful living from its silo of taboo.

“We wanted to create a space that normalizes living your own truth — where people can speak, engage, and more importantly, learn together,” Lovato said.

They have never said anything like this before.

According to Lovato, if you don’t live your truth, you cannot “speak, engage, and more importantly learn together.” I’ve found, after much prayer and cognitive behavioral therapy and copying and pasting Demi’s words into my daily affirmations Notes app note, that those three things are the fundamentals to healthy and politically engaged existence.


And do you know who else agrees with me? Ally to, and baiter of, the LGBTQ+ community, Taylor Swift.

“As always, today I’m sending my respect and love to those bravely living out their truth, even when the world we live in still makes that hard to do,” Swift said earlier this month in celebration of Pride.

This. This is why we have to keep the dialogue open. If you’re not living your truth, you will not be the recipient of Taylor Swift’s auspicious respect and love.


Or Joan Rivers, it turns out, who joined the chorus of truth-living truthers from the grave via her daughter Melissa:

Joan Rivers tweeting from the dead

Joan, if you’re listening: thank you and may you rest in peace.


Elsewhere, it didn’t escape my notice that Olivia Rodrigo muse and Disney star Joshua Bassett broke his silence four days after saying that Harry Styles, a hot man, was hot on Instagram.

"I stood behind every word that I said," Bassett told GQ. "Even if there are consequences, I would much rather deal with consequences and live my truth than live in fear.”

I’ve never heard it put like that before. Literal goosebumps. Living your truth means freedom from fear — and a GQ feature.


In other words, living your truth is political. Which is why I was not surprised to see sitting duck and eleven-foot-tall loser Bill de Blasio join in on the trend.

In a press conference earlier this month, de Blasio bravely continued a bit that nobody ever found amusing, not even seven years ago: eating pizza with a fork.

“I felt like I was living my truth,” de Blasio said.

When a politician speaks from a place of radical transparency and co-opts the language of young people who hate him, that is democratic socialism.