Vincent Kartheiser's Alleged On-Set Misconduct Refreshingly Not of the Groping Kind

He was just being annoying!

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not great vince

Vincent Kartheiser, an actor who is best known for being Rory’s husband and for at one point not owning a toilet, was reportedly the subject of multiple misconduct complaints on set of the HBO Max comic book series Titans. And I know what you’re thinking that means based on your experience of seeing the word “misconduct” paired with other on-set men — but wait.

Deadline reports Kartheiser was the subject of at least two complaints, which led to separate internal investigations by Titans studio Warner Bros Television. The complaints related to, again according to Deadline, “disruptive, juvenile behavior and inappropriate comments.”

Hey, that’s not as bad as what we assumed from reading various headlines about it!

After the first complaint (which was related to “verbal comments and outbursts”) Kartheiser was verbally reprimanded by the studio, but Deadline reports the “behavior didn’t rise to level of termination.” After the second complaint, Warner Bros reportedly assigned a representative to monitor Kartheiser while he was on set.

According to Deadline’s sources, there were other claims about alleged misconduct by Kartheiser that were investigated by the studio, but these claims were not corroborated. (Holding our applause break for these claims.)

In a statement to Deadline, a spokesperson for Kartheiser said he denies the allegations: “Warner Bros investigated this matter and made clear to Mr. Kartheiser its expectations for behavior on the set, and he agreed to comply with their directives.” But you have to admit, it makes sense that it would be difficult to portray Pete Campbell with such aplomb without being deeply unpleasant as a person.

Congratulations to Vincent Kartheiser for subverting our expectations, yet again.