Touchdown! Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Reportedly Filing for Divorce Today

Could this be the end?

Tom Brady (L) and Gisele Bundchen attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 2010 Costume Institute gal...
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Could the marriage of our beloved Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen come to an end — on this very day? According to a TMZ source, the antique football helmet and his lingerie angel wife have reached a settlement and will file for divorce today.

The couple was formally placed on Divorce Watch on September 1, approximately two months ago. Since that date, we at Gawker have been closely monitoring their activity: from when Gisele took the kids to a water park, to when the couple lawyered up, to when Tom Brady lost all of his friends and then gained one new one. It has been a difficult journey, and throughout it we couldn’t stop ourselves from wondering whether Tom Brady would perhaps ultimately decide to choose his wife and children over his beloved football.

Our last update on the couple came from a source close to Gisele, who said she had given her husband an ultimatum. According to the source, she told him that he must choose either his family, or continuing to lose every football game in an increasingly embarrassing fashion while sustaining irreparable damage to his brain and body. It seems we now know his decision, though admittedly we always had a hunch.

According to TMZ, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s lawyers have been working with a mediator to figure out property settlements and custody arrangements. Their divorce document will reportedly be filed today in Brady’s treasured Florida. Last night, Tom Brady’s Buccaneers lost their third consecutive game.

Good luck to both of them, but mostly to Tom Brady, who clearly needs it.